Nigel Slater’s plans for lentil pie and asparagus with tomato and yogurt sauce

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Nigel Slater’s plans for lentil pie and asparagus with tomato and yogurt sauce

I need pie. Not a sugar-tidied crusty fruit-filled treat or a thin, flaky tart, yet a major, fat appetizing pie with a profound filling delegated with a haze of rich squash. A pie to put on the table to share, into which everybody can burrow profound and heap, steaming, on to their plates.

This is a formula that will work for any and all individuals: a kind of bungalow pie however without the hamburger, rich with Italian lentils, aromatics and tomatoes.

I will make the occupying as though time is of no result, gradually mixing the onions and carrots and herbs that lie at its heart over a low warmth until they relax and improve before including ready tomatoes, stewing brilliant stock and a pile of noisy new spinach leaves. Two sorts of root vegetables will be steamed and beaten to a cushion, prepared with hacked herbs and heaped high on the filling.

What’s more, truly, my pie will take most of the morning to make. It will leave me a sink brimming with cleaning up and most likely air pocket over the edge of the dish as it prepares, so I should scour the broiler. Be that as it may, we will be taken care of and upbeat and loaded with pie and, in all honesty, that is all that truly matters right now.Lentil and potato pie

This is a well-intention ed formula that will take whichever lentils and vegetables you have lying around. Utilize earthy colored, yellow or green lentils in the filling; spinach or chard for the greens; and pureed potatoes, swede, yams or parsnip for the outside. Serves 6

For the filling:

onions 450g (2, medium)

olive or vegetable oil 3 tbsp

carrots 150g

celery 1 stem

garlic 2 cloves

narrows leaves 3

thyme 6 ragged branches

parsley 8 branches

lentils, earthy colored or green 350g

tomatoes 500g

vegetable stock 500ml

spinach 350g

For the top:

potatoes 500g

yams 1 kg

margarine 50g

parsley a little bundle

Strip and generally cleave the onions, at that point cook them in the oil in a profound skillet over a moderate warmth for 15 minutes, blending every now and then.

Cut the carrots and celery into fine bones, strip and finely slash the garlic at that point add all to the conditioning onions and keep cooking for 10 minutes, until the onion is brilliant and translucent.

Add the cove leaves to the container. Expel the leaves from the thyme and parsley, at that point mix into the vegetables.

Cook the lentils in profound bubbling water for 20 minutes, until they are simply delicate, at that point channel.

Cut the tomatoes into little bones and mix into the vegetables, leaving them to stew for a further 10 minutes until the tomatoes have discharged their juice.

Pour in the vegetable stock, bring to the bubble, at that point bring down the warmth to a stew, season and leave the vegetables to putter away over a low warmth.

Check the fluid level every now and then: you need a respectable measure of juice, so include some all the more bubbling water if necessary. Channel the lentils and add them to the dish.

Strip the potatoes and yams, at that point steam or bubble until delicate. This is best done independently. Channel and pound with a vegetable masher or food blender. Include the margarine, cleaved parsley, salt and pepper and put in a safe spot.

Wash the spinach leaves and put them, despite everything wet, into a dish over a moderate warmth. Spread firmly with a top and let them cook for a moment or two until shriveled.

Expel the leaves, channel them and press out the greater part of the dampness.

Set the stove at 200C/gas mark 6.

Mix the spinach into the lentils at that point move to a profound preparing dish, around 24 x 28cm. Spoon the crushed vegetables on top and prepare for 20 minutes.

Asparagus, tomato and yogurt sauce

As a change from the conventional backup of spread rich Hollandaise, I’ve been making a light and new yogurt-based sauce for my asparagus this season. It works for steamed broccoli, as well. Serves 4

asparagus 24 thick lances

yogurt 200ml

water 50-100ml

tomatoes 250g

spring onions 6

red chillies 3, little

coriander leaves 15g

mint leaves 8g

groundnut or vegetable oil 1 tbsp

mustard seeds yellow 1 tsp

Cook the asparagus in bubbling, daintily salted water for 7-10 minutes until delicate to the point of a blade. Channel on kitchen paper.

While the asparagus is cooking, placed the yogurt in a bowl, at that point beat in the water and a large portion of a tsp of ocean salt with a whisk.

Cut the tomatoes into little shakers and add them to the yogurt. Finely cut the spring onions, add them to the tomatoes, at that point do likewise with the chillies.

Tear or hack the coriander and mint leaves and add them to the yogurt. In a little, shallow container, warm the oil at that point include the mustard seeds and cook them for a moment or two until they begin to obscure, at that point pour them and their oil over the sauce and mix.

Serve the asparagus cold or hot, with the bowl of yogurt and tomato dressing on the table.

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